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Beautiful Nobel Prize-winning Certificate

When it comes to awards, what kind of pictures do you have in mind? As the three good students who have won prizes from childhood, the American edition has the absolute right to speak in this respect.

Coincidentally, Beauty Editor is a nostalgic person, from small to large awards are not willing to throw away, but the results in the collation of the time suddenly found that, in addition to winning content, the awards are almost the same: golden gradient bottom, the top of the big award two words, plus a seal in the lower right corner.

Just as the beauty editor painfully comforted herself that all the awards had grown like this, don't care to care, there was an award-winning certificate that hurt my eyes severely. Recent style award-winning certificates to modern times, artists began to create special paintings related to the Nobel Prize theme for the awardees themselves, and there will be well-known calligraphers personally inscribed on the certificate. The Nobel Prize for Literature award certificate will be placed in a handmade box with the initials of the winners printed on it.

All certificates are manufactured in a special process, leather Diploma cover. Physics prizes are blue, chemistry and medicine are red, and those Nobel Prize winners are certificates.
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