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Six Ways for you to Put your Diploma in a Custom Graduation Picture Frame

Congratulations. You have completed all the courses in the University and graduated smoothly. So it's time to show off your diploma. Whether at home or in the office, the diploma placed in the custom graduation picture frame will make people stop and look more.

Decorate your own custom graduation picture frame

Feeling overwhelmed? You can take a plain wooden frame and do something. First you can put your diploma in the frame and be creative. For instance, if your university is in a coastal city, you can put some seashell next to the frame. If you are an athlete, you can put some award near it.

Mat and Frame Your Diploma

Will you put your college diploma in your office? If yes, you can choose some high-quality frames to show people what you have achieved, and the color you choose should be coordinated with the whole style of your office.

Create a Collage Frame

If you choose a wooden thing to put your diploma, it is suggested that you can choose one that with several openings. In this way, you can put more memories about your university and your graduation on it, in addition to the diploma. 

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