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Framing Diplomas and Certificates: Which Method Is Best?

Graduation season is coming. You may not have got your diploma yet, but now you can also think about where this certificate symbolizes your years of hard work can be placed.

To better protect and demonstrate your certificates, you may need a personalized diploma holder. Or if you have a better idea and don't want to just find a framework in the store, you can follow the following steps to save your valuable documents.

1. Protect your certificate

The most important thing is to buy a personalized diploma holder to hold your certificate. It's better to choose a museum-specific material framework.

2. Choose a mat for a personalized diploma holder

This needs to be chosen according to your personal needs. If you don't know what you want, you can choose a few classic things to set off, so it looks good.

3. Selection framework

Some certificates have some decorative elements, while others are simpler. You can choose a box to add to the certificate without overwhelming it.

4. Put certificates in the framework            

"Putting certificates in the framework" sounds like a simple thing, but it actually requires caution. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before touching the certificate or frame. Ensure that certificates or documents are level. If it rolls up, take it out and clip it between two clean white towels.

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