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How to Deal with the Custom Certificate Covers

Anti-counterfeiting background of the custom certificate covers, that is, the elements are repeatedly changed to form a continuous texture, honor certificate cover customized, with regularity, continuity, penetration, rich in change. Using ground markings for anti-counterfeiting, it is common for professionals to place straight lines, curves, wave lines in a orderly way, cross them, or form regular plane ground markings, or make unit drawings neatly scattered, or appear to be tortuous, distinct layers, and change thousands of things on the face of coins and various valid certificates and securities in different countries.

The carefully constructed and unpredictable texture generated by the pattern system, together with the color diversity of the lines, effectively destroys the scanning operation of the scanner, so that the scanned image has a significant distance from the original image. Normally, people can completely use other software to make the role of the original, and then can achieve a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

The use of ground pattern in the custom certificate covers: the usual certificate, card, and the ground pattern used on request that the line of the ground pattern be clear, circulation, moderate density, generous and rich in change.

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