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Introduction to the Custom Certificate Covers

It is necessary to know the cover of custom certificate covers, including carton paper, cement bag paper, high strength corrugated paper and brown cardboard. Kraft paper is made of softwood kraft pulp with tough texture, strong strength and yellowish-brown paper surface. It can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, striped and non-striped varieties in appearance. The quality requirements are slightly different. Kraft paper is mainly used for the inner packaging of small paper bags, document bags and industrial products, textiles and daily department stores. Kraft paper is divided into U, A and B3 grades.

When it comes to the custom certificate covers, corrugated paper in the production process is pressed into corrugated shape, after making corrugated cardboard, it will provide flexibility, flat compressive strength of cardboard, and affect the vertical compressive strength and other properties. Corrugated paper, flat surface, uniform thickness, can not have wrinkles, cracks and holes and other paper defects, otherwise increase the production process of broken ends, affecting product quality. 

Paper bag paper is similar to kraft paper, mostly produced with coniferous wood kraft pulp. In China, some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp and rag pulp are also mixed. Therefore, paper bag paper has high mechanical strength and is generally used to make packaging bags for cement, fertilizer and other industrial products. In order to meet the filling requirements, paper bags require certain air permeability and larger elongation.

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