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Judging the Grade of Professional Qualification Certificate from the Color of the Cardboard Diploma

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has established 87 occupational catalogues for the implementation of employment access in accordance with the Occupational Classification Code of the People's Republic of China. Operators of production and transportation equipment, producers of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and water conservancy, commercial and service personnel, clerks and related personnel.

The national vocational qualification level is from low to high, which consists of five levels, namely, five (primary), four (intermediate), three (senior), two (technicians), and one (senior technicians).
No matter which industry, the color of cardboard diploma cover is different. According to the color of cardboard diploma cover, the technical level can be quickly judged.

Level 5 - Primary - Green.
Level 4 - Intermediate - Blue.
Level 3 - Advanced - Red.
Level 2 - Technician - Brown.
Level 1 - High-tech - Dark Red.
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