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Maintenance Acrylic Products

In life, many companies or individual families will use acrylic products as popularization or decoration, such as the company's commonly used LOGO, corporate culture signs, etc.. Personal families generally use acrylic decorative paintings, lighting and so on. The UV printer can print directly on the acrylic surface, and the printed image is exquisite and colorful, so the maintenance of high quality products is very important.

Acrylic products have good light transmission, high temperature resistance, no seams, no wrinkles, and strong energy saving. Although the acrylic material itself has these superior properties, it also has some shortcomings, such as, not wearable, easy to scrape. So we need good ways to maintain them. Here are a few common methods:


Acrylic products are cleaned and the acrylic products themselves are likely to wear and scratch. Therefore, for general dust treatment, if the material has not been specially treated or added with hardener, it is recommended to rinse with feather dust or water, then wipe with a soft cloth. If the surface is dirty, use a soft detergent. Add water and scrub with a soft cloth.

2. Waxing

The role of waxing is to make the product glamorous and bright. You can use liquid to  wax and wipe it evenly with a soft cloth to achieve the purpose.

3. Paste

Use IPS glue or quick-drying agent to paste.

4. Polishing

If the acrylic product is scratched or the surface is not very serious, you can try to use a polishing machine (or car waxing machine) to install the cloth wheel, apply a proper amount of liquid polishing wax, and evenly light to improve the imperfection effect.
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