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What is PH? Why is it important in composition?

The pH measurement is carried out on a scale of 0 to 14, reflecting the relative level of acidity and alkalinity of the substance being measured. In the case of custom graduation picture frames, pH measurements are an important consideration and will affect the lifetime of the project you frame. A rating of 7.0 (plus or minus 1.5) is considered neutral. When the pH is lower on the scale, the acidity of the material is stronger, and when the pH is higher than the neutral range, the custom graduation picture frame is more alkaline. 

When the scale moves from one value (for example, from 6.0 to 5.0), the change level of acidity is 10 times higher, and the change of 2 points in the scale means 100 times of acidity or alkalinity. It is essential to recognize that even small changes in pH can be vital. When selecting cushions or backing materials for useful works of art or documents, you are sure to ask your frame or check the manufacturer undefined list of pH values and suggested uses. Because many popular ornamented elements contain buffers that are "acid free" or "neutral" for a period of time, you must refer to these specifications (or see the embossing information on the back of the pad sample). To identify protected or archived products in important cases of preservation. This is because some of the custom graduation picture frames in the standard "acid-free" board, such as lignin, become more acidic over time, resulting in a change in the pH value, which changes the core color of the board (making the bevel yellow). Gradually, this change will lead to the same discoloration and brittleness in the frame art or document. External contaminants can also lead to changes in pH values in frames for a long time, so it is vital to use professional frame technology beginning with properly designed materials.
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