The College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, also referred as to COSTAATT, is one of the largest public tertiary level institutions in Trinidad and Tobago that are equipped and able to create educational opportunities that transform academically underprepared citizens into meaningful contributors to the national economy. Students are taught in eight campuses and learning centers belonged to COSTAATT. They have the access and ability to award graduates certificates, advanced diplomas, associate and bachelor's degrees in a wide range of major and lesson selections. Both the full time and part time students can learn specialized, technical and academic programs. The College is the premier regional institution offering educational program in a number of critical areas including: radiography, medical laboratory technology, nursing, business and library studies. In addition, the College is the official translation body for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

We are deeply impressed by its vital role played in the education, science, technology and business field in Trinidad and Tobago, it will be one's great honor to get degree from such good college. This school holds a graduation ceremony each year to celebrate their student's accomplishment and achievement; a well designed degree diploma in different majors will be put into a protective graduation program covers to distribute to the graduates. The college diploma covers are designed in an eco and cost-saving way by using double white cardboard panels inside, the outer cover material they use is smooth texture leatherette in normal and modest black, just like the school spirit presented to people around the world. The imprinting on the front cover is full letters of "The College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago", the graduate diploma they used is a American standard size in 8.5"x11" inches, the folder for certificates itself is a little much bigger than certificate, 9"x11.5" inches college certificate cover was popularly accepted by many colleges in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Some colleges and universities choose one diploma display case to fit double graduation cover certificate with a eight satin ribbon corners, but COSTAATT uses four corner ribbons at the bottom of the cardboard panel to fit just one diploma, a school diploma cover is not just itself, it shows college culture and the esteem to their students acquisition in academy. 
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