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Military Certificate Cover
  • Black smooth leatherette bound material
  • Two white cardstock interior panels on both sides
  • It measures 9x11.5 folded size to fit 8.5x11 certificate
  • Gold foil stamping of military school
  • One acetate protector sleeve to secure military diploma
  • Tent style to showcase your diploma horizontally
  • 4 white satin ribbon corners
  • 3mm foam padding

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Military Certificate Cover


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This black military diploma cases can help protect your diploma. Whether you use a diploma cover, certificate holder, or an award holder, it's imperative that you protect what you have earned. These are made from premium stock smooth leatherette bound material and the corners have satin ribbons to add that special touch. Our entire diploma covers have 3mm foam padding inside and white cardboard panels, for a basic white cardboard lining panel is the cheapest way to frame your military awards. They measure 8 ½ inches by 11 inches and open on the long hinge. Your military school logo and name text can be stamped in gold foil just like the pictures; you can also choose stylish silver stamping as an alternative to the boring shiny gold. Contact us for a factory-direct price with no middle man. To be a member of an Army will be supreme honor for whom in any country around the worldwide. Once you are graduation from Army school, you should be rewarded by a valued graduate certificate that needs to be protected by our military certificate cover.
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