5 Ways to Keep Your Graduation Ceremony Simple

At the graduation ceremony, there will be a critical point, and the audience will begin to be restless and exhausted. Usually, this happens about 90 minutes after the ceremony starts. Without a tight schedule and restrictions on the program, the ceremony can easily be extended by more than three hours. No matter what occasion, long time to sit in one place is unbearable. In this article, we share five common sense suggestions to keep your graduation ceremony short.

1. Share details in the school opening plan

Not every speaker should be introduced with a lengthy resume, which will take up students' time. Instead, ceremony planners should list these details in the graduation plan. You can still introduce each speaker with a few short points, but this will not be their whole story. In this way, family members can read more information about the speaker in their spare time.

2. Set speech restrictions

As the planner of the graduation ceremony, the main work is to make the ceremony proceed as planned. Most programs can be measured by a rough schedule, but speeches usually take longer than expected. Telling guests to shorten their speech is never fun, but there is a clever way to do it. We suggest planning the whole ceremony so that each part has enough time, no more than 90 minutes. Then, see how much speech time you have left, and divide it by the total number of speakers. Use this as a time limit.

3. Consider reducing the number of awards for outstanding teachers

When planning the graduation ceremony, always remember that graduates (and their families) are the reason for this grand celebration. If there are rewards for special teachers and managers at the ceremony, these parts should be considered to be reduced. This may sound cold, but a separate banquet can be held to pay tribute to the teaching staff.

4. Students are required to queue up for graduation in advance

Suppose the graduation ceremony officially begins at 3 p.m. If you want to arrive on time, the students need to line up at least 20 minutes in advance so that the parade is ready. Let students know that this is not optional. Meanwhile, family members who want to see the student parade need to be seated a few minutes before 3 p.m. Otherwise, the performance must continue!

5. Let graduates go on moving forward

When identifying students on the stage, maintain a fairly stable speed. Five seconds or so is a suitable time point, where the graduation certificate folder award ceremony can be carried out in an orderly manner and without making people feel in a hurry. This gives students enough time to show, but after you announce next name, they leave the stage.

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