Plan a Graduation Ceremony for a Small School

Graduation is a vital day to celebrate and reflect on life. If you plan to prepare for a graduation ceremony for a small school, you can take risks and have more fun. Below, we outline five graduation ceremony ideas you can try. Each idea is suitable for smaller student groups.

1. Involve students

First of all, it is important to remember that the ceremony is about students. You may want to enrich the ceremony with teacher lectures and donation activities, please don't do this, because it will affect the celebration! Instead, recruit some talented students to share their hopes and dreams. Ask some students to tell personal stories about their school experience. At the same time, spend some extra money to mail a personalized sample of the graduation certificate covers and the invitation letter. If you want to involve the student's family, this kind of care will increase the attendance rate.

2. Build intimate gatherings

When focusing on the layout and decoration of the graduation ceremony venue, please try to create a warm space that reflects the local community and students. At the same time, other schools have unique themes, traditions and parades that make students feel that this is their special graduation ceremony.

3. Create a school tradition

The idea of a graduation ceremony doesn't have to be too expensive to have a huge impact on students' lives. A new tradition is simple. For example, parents are required to write a letter of encouragement to graduates, and then deliver these letters at the same time as the cover of the graduation certificate is issued on the day of the graduation ceremony. Use imagination to create a new tradition.

4. Give students a personalized gift

With wise planning and coordination, the school can give some incredible gifts during the graduation ceremony plan. For example, teachers can plan the design of graduation certificate covers at the beginning of each school year. It is best to reflect the individuality of the students in this school year, and then issue it on the day of the graduation ceremony to record their growth over the years.

5. Invite senior classmates to cheer for graduates

Finally, if you plan to graduate from elementary school or high school in a small town, you can invite alumni to celebrate the achievements of the graduates. Maybe a successful former graduate can give a short speech, while the older classmates can cheer for the students by the side when they get the cover of their graduation certificate.

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