Three Great Ideas to DIY Graduation Party

Graduation season is always full of parties, and if you've been thinking of ways to make your graduation party stand out, look no further! Some fun DIY projects, such as a photo booth, a recipe and a gift idea, will make your party special! Feel free to give any of these ideas a unique spin. We hope they keep your ideas flowing. Whether you're hosting a party or a graduate, a good DIY style will make your graduation party remembered.

Ⅰ. Memory jar

You may have invited many friends, family and neighbors to your child's graduation party. With so many people attending, it's likely that not everyone will be able to have quality face-to-face contact with graduates. A party like this feels fuzzy. If you leave some blank cards, pens and a can near the celebration, guests can always write a thoughtful message to the graduate. After the party, you can collect the cards in a scrapbook so that your child will have a priceless memento of this immortal moment.

Ⅱ. Photobooth

Everyone loves a classic photo booth. It's the perfect way to mark a special night. If you're hosting a graduation party, it's easy to set up a DIY photo booth at home. With the foam core and X-Acto knife, you're ready to start.

You can cut the board into the shape of a Polaroid photo, along with a commemorative photo of your diploma cases and hang it from the ceiling or tree branch. Place disposable cameras and fun items (hats, sunglasses, fake beards, etc.) nearby. Watch your guests flock to the photo booth. By the end of the night, you'll have a series of happy snapshots of the party, including all your closest friends and family!

Ⅲ. Graduation hat snacks

If you're looking for a delicious food treat to liven up your graduation party, try making some graduation caps! With a few peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, Sour Patch straws and mini M&Ms, you can quickly create candy that looks like stucco and tassels. By melting some chocolate bark in the microwave for 30 seconds, you get a delicious adhesive that you can use to assemble your chocolate hat. We suggest using lollipops, which are placed on decorative foam bricks for guests to enjoy. This lovely dessert is easy to make and has a lot more fun than typical party snacks.

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