How to Design a Customized Diploma Cover?

The graduation certificate folder protects your graduates' valuable diplomas in the folding paper. The folder of these diplomas is usually designed with the official seal of the high school or university on the outside, covered with foil.

First, the customized cover enhances your institution's brand in the eyes of graduates and family members. A stamped goldenseal is heavier than a blank diploma cover, and the cost is not high. In addition, every aspect of the cover can be customized, from corner bands to internal corrugations. After all the hard work, students should put their diplomas on the prestigious graduation certificate folder to recognize their achievements.

Step 1: Visit our customized graduation certificate folder order form

Select the cover color from the first drop-down menu. We offer many different colors, including wine red, navy blue and green.

Step 2: Choose the size of the graduation certificate folder

Choose one of the four cover folding options, including tent style, portrait (top fold), panorama, and portrait (side fold).

Step 3: Select the inner moiré (the pattern on the cover)

For minor upgrades, you can create a cover with golden ripples on the two inner panels.

Step 4: Select the color of the inner role

For example, one panel can be white, or both panels can be royal blue.

Step 5: Choose the stamping logo color

We like gold or silver, but you can also choose white or black foil.

Step 6: Upload your logo design

 Click the "Choose File" button and double-click the school logo image you want to upload. The maximum size is 2500 x 2500 pixels.

Step 7: Select the internal acetate

Acetate is a transparent covering that can protect the graduation certificate folder.

Step 8: Enter the order quantity

The minimum order quantity is 25 pieces, and we offer discounts for more than 50 pieces.

We are incredibly proud of our students for reaching their academic goals. Using a customized graduation certificate folder, you can mark milestones with physical objects they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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