From Traditional Printing to Today's Certificate Printing

The equipment and technology used for certificate printing are improved step by step, so that we can see different effects today.

Although different printing buyers have different standard of measurement of "acceptable quality", speed and cost are the important factors that contribute them to making purchase decisions. High end printing accounts for only a small proportion of the product mix of many enterprises.

Commercial color is a fast developing field at present, because color files have been used more and more widely in the office environment. But now, the quality of image color and the high speed and low cost of color production have been weakened to some extent, so the differences among various color printing technologies have become less obvious.

The technology used for certificate printing can also be applied to the printing of business cards. Business cards are square art. Classic business cards are designed to be appreciated. Beautiful business cards are unforgettable. Even if you don’t have a close contact with the recipient, people are willing to keep them. This is especially true for high-end business card printing design. It is different from the general graphic design. Most of the graphic design has a large design surface, which gives people enough space for expression. The high-grade business card is different. It only has a small surface design space, and it's hard to express in a small area.

Business card printing is also different from general printing. The vast majority of business cards can only be overprinted in small sheets, and the printing quality can not be compared with that of large offset press. There is a certain limit on the precision of printing pictures, which is another important factor to be considered in the design.

No traditional technology can dominate all the fields mentioned above. When printing enterprises choose technology, they must consider image quality, output speed, equipment cost and operation cost. Among these factors, the printing buyer must make a choice according to their own actual situation.

Certificate printing production color is suitable for mass production. In this field, higher production speed and lower unit printing cost are very important. Image color movable parts must reach a high quality level (usually the accurate color matching is needed), but the printing volume of such movable parts is generally small.

Besides the printing technology, the custom custom diploma cover design also plays an important roles!

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