Webster University

Webster University is a global educational institution which was founded in 1915 by Sisters of Loretto, started from a Catholic religious organization, Webster College.The main campus is located west of Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. About total 17,000 students study at campus locations in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and online program. Students in Webster share small class sizes and picturesque learning environment.

Thousands of students graduate from Webster each year by accomplishing their studying lessons, with a global, action-oriented university culture, their graduates are very competitive around the worldwide with a rich educational experience. More and more alumni become intellectual leaders and make the contribution to the community in many industries. By providing human beings with better technology solutions as scientists and engineers. Creating better policy options for society as economists and political scientists.

As one of the private and non-profit universities in the US, a degree diploma is the best gift that Webster is able to give to their beloved students, this leads students more opportunity to succeed in their career and the rest of their life. Such great keepsake should be preserved and protected in a right way; all the esteemed members of the Webster Corporation and Board of Overseers, faculty, staff and most importantly, the graduates had already recognized the importance of graduation padded certificate holder. You can see some of the characteristics of their gift holder below:
Navy Blue Imprinted Leather Diploma Holder of Webster University
  • Top quality smooth leatherette exterior material in dark blue color
  • It measures 9"x11 1/2" to hold 8 1/2" x 11" certificate with short side opened orientation
  • "Webster University" foil stamped in gold on the front of the certificate cover
  • Inside foam padding for better touch
  • Interior double gold moiré panels with school image etched on left panel
  • Four gold folded ribbon corners on right panel for graduation diploma

As Webster's mission said, "Webster University ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence". Such brilliant graduates deserve the best quality diploma cover for their great achievement in campus study.
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