Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University, also referred to as VSU, is a public university in US that owns a 0.68 square kilometer campus located in the center of Valdosta city. Valdosta State University was founded in 1906 as public teaching institution, 12,000 undergraduates and graduates students enrolled in 2017 semester, of which over 11,000 students are pursuing bachelor's degree. As one of the comprehensive universities in Georgia, VSU offers all types of academic degrees including preparatory college, bachelor, master and Ph. D degree of various courses. 

No matter for which school, the most proudly memorable moment for faculty, parents and students is graduation ceremony, the date that graduates was awarded with their degrees after years of hard work. When the precious certificate was passed and distributed to students, an appropriate protector should be used to guard the diploma safe. Valdosta State University uses a huge size of diploma folders for their student's honor and achievement, it measures 12.5 by 15.5 inches to secure 12 by 15 inches graduation diploma, such unusual big size is quite merely used for worldwide universities, seldom taken by colleges and never will be chosen for high schools.  Refer to the color; they use a traditional and classical black, which is widely welcomed by schools. The outer material is premium leather touch with golden foil stamping" Valdosta State University" in old English font. The most distinguished part is the double embossing frame lines in the front of the padded diploma holder, not only it can frame graduates valuable certificate, but also a better grain touching, premium quality is determined by details. The interior double sided moiré panels was white with excellent design pattern, once you unfold this leatherette diploma cover at the top long edge, a clearly historic campus picture with its foundation year will appear on the top moiré panel. Between the cardboard and outer leatherette construction, there is a piece of 3.2mm foam padding to guarantee its smooth and soft touch, at the bottom moiré panel, 4 noble burgundy satin corner ribbons lies on the end of each side to secure students degree certificate.

Wish VSU graduates a prospering career and very good lives.

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