One of the most Popular Silk Road Cultural Tours

The most popular artists' activities in the 2018 area silk road culture tour held by the Organizing Committee of the Silk Road culture tour of the area are at the end of the attention of all walks of life. On June 29, 2018, the organizing committee officially released the list of winners. The award-winning artists and lucky fans prepared a mysterious ceremony to give back your attention and support for the event.

This event is divided into 1 Gold Award for the most popular artists, 2 Silver Award and 3 bronze award, and 13 excellent artists award. At the same time, in order to thank you for your love of art and support for artists, we have added a number of fan support awards to encourage you to pay attention to supporting our lovely and respectable artists in the future.

2018 the most popular artists' activities in the Silk Road culture tour along the belt road. In the early days, 36 national ritual artists went through 11 days of balloting activities. The writers and artists across the country voted the most popular artists through up to 1 million votes. The organizing committee decided to double the original award and give thanks for its support. This activity has made outstanding achievements in the promotion of Chinese culture and art and the promotion of outstanding artists.

Certificate of Award for Excellent Artists

The cover of the certificate is  PU certificate cover. It is made of deep embossing pattern and bronzing process. It is a testimony to thank the artists for their outstanding contributions in art. Although the art road is hard to go, thank you for your persistence and efforts so that the excellent Chinese culture can be inherited. This recognition and honor belong to every excellent artist.

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