How to Plan the Perfect Virtual Graduation?

All graduates should be celebrated and honored for reaching this important milestone. The inability to hold the graduation ceremony in person should not prevent the celebration from happening. Through some plans and creativity, schools and families can commemorate graduates through meaningful virtual graduation activities.

Ⅰ. Before the virtual graduation event: set the stage

It is important to make the ceremony feel as real as possible. Make the event have an appropriate graduation look and feel by:

1. Send students their graduation certificate folder, hats and gowns;

2. Provide care kits for baked goods and school items;

3. Create and post event plans and virtual tickets;

4. Encourage students to wear hats and gowns to take pictures at home;

5. Provide hints to families about decoration creativity, such as decorating cars or houses.

Ⅱ. During the virtual graduation event: enjoy the ceremony

There are many options for creating a virtual ceremony. For school communities of different sizes and budget levels, each option has different benefits. Explore these possibilities of virtual graduation:

1. Live video

(1) Participants, friends and family members can view it in real time from anywhere;

(2) Dean, principal and others can deliver traditional speeches;

(3) The name of the graduate is projected on the screen and announced with pictures;

(4) You can sign a professional live broadcast platform, or DIY through a camera and computer.

2. Pre-recorded video

(1) A virtual graduation ceremony can be developed and uploaded to the Internet;

(2) Students, family and friends can view this content at their convenience;

(3) Announce the name of the graduate and project the pre-made slides;

(4) Students can leave messages in the online comment area.

3. Advance the shooting ceremony

(1) Make sure to arrange time for graduates to come to school to take pictures of them walking across the stage wearing hats and gowns;

(2) Try to shoot all traditional speeches;

(3) Compile video clips and background music into graduation ceremony, which can be posted and watched online.

Ⅲ. After the virtual graduation event

This unique celebration will be something that graduates and families want to remember. Give graduates something special to review:

1. This requires detailed planning, scheduling and traffic control;

2. This may be more suitable for small and medium schools;

3. Graduates and families can decorate their vehicles;

4. Teachers observe, cheer and say goodbye along the way;

5. Each car is parked in a special background to take photos of graduates;

6. Make sure that the school shoots the event so that it can be shared with students and families.

With a little creativity and planning, graduates will have a virtual experience to pay tribute and celebration to them in an unforgettable and fun way. This milestone will be marked by smiles and memories and will last a lifetime.

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