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Common Classification Of Learning And Work Certificates

1. Student ID card: Children receive 9-year compulsory education at the end of childhood education. Once you enter the school gate, you must apply for your student ID card. Student ID card means that you are still a student. The longest thing is that from elementary school to doctoral stage, a student ID card is always hung around your neck. Students with a student ID card can generally enjoy preferential policies, such as discounts on fares when watching movies or visiting parks, but they are only for students under the age of 23.

2. Graduation certificates: Every time you complete a stage of study, you must apply for a graduation certificate, including elementary school, junior high school, technical secondary school, high school, junior college, and university.

3. Degree certificates: Since the beginning of the undergraduate stage, there has been a degree award system. After graduating from undergraduate, master's, and doctoral stages, you can generally be awarded degree certificates, including bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

4. Registration certificate: Also known as the dispatch card, is issued by the provincial employment guidance agency to the university graduates. It is valid credential for employers to transfer personnel files and registered permanent residence of the graduates. If you're not a college student, you won't have a registration certificate.

5. Schooling proof: This is proof of student status. The main issuing unit is the school. The purpose may be for students to enjoy the national preferential policies or other.

6. Loan certificate: Less well-off families will try to apply for student loans in college for their children. Upon completion of studies, diplomas and degree certificates will be mortgaged to the school, but they are useful for finding jobs. Therefore, it is necessary to apply for a "loan certificate" to prove that the loan has not been repaid and the graduation certificate is mortgaged.

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