Graduation Traditions Around the World

Each country has a unique attitude towards graduation traditions, especially when the ceremony is held. There are interesting ceremonies and special clothing accessories for students to appreciate, which can establish contact with classmates and be proud of the unique culture of the school. Below, we share some of the most exciting graduation traditions from all over the world, let's take a look!

1. China

Generally speaking, there are few graduation traditions in the Chinese school system, and graduates can celebrate as they please. Instead of asking parents and distant relatives to attend a formal ceremony, it is better to spend time with classmates and friends. At the graduation ceremony, the principal and the teacher will issue the graduation certificates with beautiful graduation certificate covers to the students, and the graduation will be considered true after the ceremony.

2. Sweden

In Scandinavia, graduates wear matching sailor caps. They sang with their classmates and started the ceremony. Next, the parents held awkward childhood photos at the ceremony and posted them on the big sign. Parents tied special gifts with ribbons to the children, and then hung the ribbons around the children's necks. Finally, the students participated in a city-wide parade. There were floats and music, and everyone in the town came to show their support.

3. Japan

The Japanese are proud of their cultural traditions, and graduation is no exception. In the high school stage, graduates perform choreography routines through singing and parades. The students wear their usual school uniforms to participate in the activity. Unlike the American calendar, Japanese schools start in the spring, so graduation usually takes place in March.

4. Argentina

This South American country has won the title of the strangest graduation tradition. On the day of the ceremony, observers threw food, including ketchup, sauce and syrup, at the graduates. This seems to be a one-sided food war, but the students are looking forward to this strange coming-of-age ceremony. Of course, it is very pleasant for friends and family to throw food.

5. Philippines

Just like in Japan, the graduation ceremony in the Philippines is held in the spring. In college, graduation in hats and gowns has become the norm. Although they still wear school uniforms underneath. As for the graduation tradition, many high schools in the Philippines put a wreath on each graduate when they receive their graduation certificate covers. They did this to reflect the tropical climate and culture of the country.

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