Production and Printing of Various Certificates of Honor

In the production and printing of the certificate of honor, the fillers and the additives are used. Fillers in magnetic printing ink can reduce the amount of pigment, reduce the cost, adjust the properties of printing ink such as thinness, fluidity and so on. The anti-counterfeiting of graduation certificate also improves the flexibility of printing ink formula design.

The additives of magnetic printing ink can be the additional part of pigment, the additional part of binder, or the additional part of printing ink finished product, which mainly depends on the characteristics and requirements of anti-counterfeiting product of graduation certificate. Additive. The function of anti-counterfeiting additive of graduation certificate is to improve the performance of printing ink in all aspects. The type and amount of additives can be selected according to the actual situation. The commonly used additives are plasticizer, stabilizer, dispersant, coupling agent, antistatic agent, lubricating oil agent, etc.

The binder is the fluid component of the printing ink. The fluidity, viscosity, dryness and printing performance of the printing ink mainly depend on the binder. It connects pigments and other solid powder substances in printing ink. After grinding and dispersing, it forms syrupy liquid, which is dried and fixed on the substrate surface after printing.

The binder of magnetic printing ink is also the key to the quality of printing ink. The binder of magnetic printing ink is similar to the binder of general printing ink. For the anti-counterfeiting of graduation certificate, vegetable oil, animal oil and mineral oil can be selected, but synthetic resin is selected as the binding material of magnetic printing ink more often.

With the development of chemical industry, there are more kinds of anti-counterfeiting synthetic resin for the manufacture and printing of certificate of honor. There are more choices. So synthetic resin is more and more widely used in printing ink industry.

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