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East China Normal University New Edition Degree Certificate Issued

Graduates of 2016 received a personalized certificate folder designed by East China Normal University.

According to the document requirements of the State Council Academic Degree Committee and the Ministry of Education "Notice on Information Management Measures for Academic Degree Certificates and Degree Granting" (Degree No. 18, 2015), from January 1, 2016, the degree certificates with the national emblem pattern printed by the Office of the State Council Academic Degree Committee will no longer be used, and the degree-granting units will design and print bachelor's, master's and doctoral's degree certificates on their own. Since 1981, colleges and universities have designed and printed their degree certificates for the first time.

Did you imagine getting a degree certificate from the end of your thesis defense? Today we don't sell Guanzi. What about the first edition of the East China Normal University Degree Certificate? Let's have a look!
What's the swelling like? Looking at it, it's a bit of a graduation rush. Is there any wood? It's beautiful and oceanic at first glance. In fact, we are still fine. Apart from the school badge name as a necessary element, our personalized certificate folder has three hidden elements. Do you see them?