Can Glass Frames be Customized?

When it comes to photo frames, I don't think editors need to say more. Everyone knows what it is and what it is used for. I believe you also know that there are many kinds of frame materials on the market nowadays, such as wooden, plastic, digital, glass, aluminium alloy, crystal and resin. Today, the editor will introduce the glass frame to you.

Basic Introduction of Glass Photo Frame

First let's look at what glass frames are. Literally, we can see that it is actually a frame made of glass. It is a relatively new photo frame representing a branch and is widely used. It is not only used in film studios, gifts, foreign trade, weddings and enterprises, but also in graduates, teams, schools, etc. It has applications ranging from portraits to stickers.

And a personalized acrylic picture frame also has different types. There are three common types. The first kind is paster glass frame; what we need to know is that it is not simply pasting paper on the frame, but pasting printed plastic drawing paper with shadow-free adhesive on transparent glass; the second kind is three-dimensional glass frame; the third kind is glass strip frame.

Can glass frames be customized?

The answer given by the editor to this question is yes. How much does it cost to make a glass? Although the price of glass itself is not high, but to use a personalized acrylic picture frame to make a photo frame, it needs to go through multiple cutting, sculpture, spraying, silk printing, trimming and painting, polishing and other processes, so it needs to consume relatively high labor, so the price is more expensive than common glass.

How much does a personalized acrylic picture frame usually cost? To solve this problem, relevant survey data show that the customized price of glass photo frames is relatively affordable, usually between 5 and 50 yuan. Of course, the glass material will also vary, such as ordinary plexiglass or acrylic frame customization price is about a few yuan or a dozen yuan, while the European and American vintage glass frame customization price is generally about 50 yuan.

Generally speaking, it is better to use plexiglass. It has the following advantages:

1. Good shape, not easy to break;
2. Good transmittance, strong resistance and plasticity;
3. Easy to process.
4. Lightweight;
5. It has good oxidation resistance and is not easy to deform and color.

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