How to Plan the Graduation from Kindergarten?

Spring is coming soon, and kindergartens are about to begin the next stage of their education. To make the graduation ceremony become a truly memorable event, we share some graduation ideas of the kindergarten, which students and parents will appreciate a lot. Sometimes, a great number of interesting decorations and singing are important.

1. Decorate the classroom

In the week before graduation, the teacher can hold some craft meetings with the children to make the classroom look full of joyful atmosphere. For example, each student can outline their hand on colorful construction paper and then paste all the items onto a huge poster. Students can also use some rhinestones and colorful tassels to decorate graduation caps with their names.

2. design a customized invitation

At the same time, teachers can allow parents and students to create their invitations if they wish. There are various custom printing services online. Choose from hundreds of well-designed templates, upload high-quality photos of toddler graduates, choose color schemes, and add a few lines of text.

3. Design the diploma and practice diploma handover

For many students, graduation from kindergarten will be their first graduation experience. To allow them to remember the time when they graduated from kindergarten in the future, the design and production of the children's certificate folder must be "wonderful" created by the teachers, leaving them unforgettable memories at the first graduation ceremony in their lives.

Therefore, to help guide them through the ceremony, teachers recommend that students practice seating when they arrive. Then, show them how to get a diploma with the left hand and shake hands with the teacher/principal with the right hand. With rehearsing a few rituals before an important day, everyone will feel more relaxed.

4. Show the talents of students

Graduation is more than just delivering inspiring speeches and reading lists of student names. It is also an ideal place for students to sing poignant graduation ceremony songs or for teachers to play slideshows of students' highlights during the school year. The outstanding students will be offered some interesting awards, including "Future Superhero" or "Future Movie Star".

5. Graduation ceremony

Are you ready to plan an unforgettable graduation ceremony? With the help of the unlimited resources of students, parents, and the Internet, an incredible ceremony can be held to make the kindergarten enter the first grade with confidence.

6. Closing ceremony

Finally, at the end of the ceremony, graduates can be rewarded with delicious dishes at the party. You can also use some cute accessories to decorate the mini graduation hat so that children can feel the formal graduation ceremony.

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