Knowledge of Diploma

The diploma cover was originally red. Since 2005, it has been changed to blue, and completely separated from the inner core; The anti-counterfeiting technology of the inner core of the diploma has also been enhanced (mainly to prevent counterfeiting). The cover and the inner core are completely separated. The color of the cover has no effect on the authenticity of the diploma. The key is the inner core. As long as the inner core is true, you can find it on the above website. The covers are supervised by the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China and printed with the words "supervised by the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China". The cover of the diplomas of the independent college and private universities is blue.

Diploma, also known as "graduation certificate", is a kind of education certification obtained by graduates. It shows that the holder has systematically learned certain scientific and cultural knowledge in a certain level of school, which is an important basis for selecting cadres and evaluating their positions. Graduation certificates of institutions of higher learning is uniformly prepared and issued by the National Education Commission. Since 1985, there are two kinds of undergraduate certificates in Colleges and Universities: one is the ordinary graduation certificate, which is issued to the graduates who have not obtained the bachelor's degree. The other is the combination of graduation certificate and bachelor's degree, which is issued to graduates who have obtained bachelor's degree. The latter also marks the academic level of the educated.

The diploma plays a very important role in Chinese society, especially the university graduation certificate is often forged. The reason why it is forged is that the current anti-counterfeiting level of the certificate is not well developed and some units and departments do not strictly supervise it. With the development of network technology, the anti-counterfeiting level of graduation certificate has been continuously improved, among which anti-counterfeiting query is the highest level of certificate anti-counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting level of university diploma has also been improved.

The production process of graduation certificate varies with the nature and level of different grades. Among them, the highest level is the university diploma and graduate diploma. Since 2008, the custom diploma cover of universities all over China has adopted the style of combination of top and bottom. This style has showed the authority of certificate. No matter the design of shading or the anti-counterfeiting query of certificate, it has reached a quite high level.

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