Graduation design for limited capacity venues

Graduation is a big deal, but what about being stuck in a small venue for an event? Due to limited seating arrangements, not every school can accommodate all family and friends who wish to attend the graduation certificate folder ceremony. However, proactive measures can be taken to ensure that activities run as smoothly as possible. In this article, we share our graduation design ideas for four sites with limited capacity space.

1. Sell tickets online

First, it should be easy for families to book tickets online. In the past, schools sold back-to-school tickets through students. Family members pay for their tickets in cash or by check, and students bring the money back to school. It's a very inefficient system, and it gives administrators all kinds of troubles. With the online ticketing system, anyone can book their tickets with a credit card, and it's all recorded in a database.

2. Use a numbered seating system whenever possible

Once an online ticketing system is set up, it is easy to associate individual tickets with seats at graduation venues. Many auditoriums and stadiums already have numbered seats, which is very useful. Some online ticketing platforms even allow guests to book seats from a visual layout. As long as we stick to the "one ticket, one seat" policy, we will never run out of space.

3. Provide secondary seat options

Of course, there is a good chance that graduation tickets will be sold out. Tickets are in short supply, so how will everyone else be satisfied? On the one hand, a separate seating area could be set up with live television coverage of the ceremony. Perhaps this seating area could be outside the main venue so that attendees could congratulate the graduates during the reception. As long as guests feel they are part of the action, most can sit nearby.

4. Live video for those who can't attend

Finally, if you have the resources to set it up, you should also provide live network flow. Family members living in other states and countries would sincerely appreciate this gesture. Adding live video doesn't take much effort. Check with your school's A/V department at least A few months in advance. You may also need to contact some local cameramen.

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