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Shengzhong Covers Co., Ltd. Honor Certificate Cover Customization

Shengzhong Covers Co., Ltd. undertakes a large number of leather certificate and honor certificate production business. Certificates of various materials and specifications can be customized. The honor certificate is a document that records and carries the awards and honors of the winners. It is a written affirmation and reward for the efforts and achievements of the winners individually or collectively, and encourages them to continue to work hard to achieve better development.

Honor certificates are widely used in enterprises, government organs, institutions, schools, and social organizations. The honor certificate has a special meaning for the winner. Generally, it will be preserved and remembered for a long time after obtaining it. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to make a exquisite honor certificate. It can not only show the importance and recognition of the honor by the issuer, but also make the recipient cherish the hard-won honor even more.

Folders for certificate of honor are generally classified into paper certificate folders, plastic PVC certificate folders, leather certificates folders and PU certificate folder according to their main materials. Honor certificates with paper folders are mainly used for mass issue as a commemorative and public memorial use. Usually, important awards do not use such materials. Plastic, leather andimitation leather materials can be used as mid-to-high-end certificates according to their different methods and techniques. Most important certificates use these two types of materials.

In the case of honor certificate folder customization, or when customers with special needs for the cover logo are consulting, Shengzhong Covers Co., Ltd. has professionals specially designed and customized for you. We can also offer custom certificate folders, If you already have a physical sample, then you only need to take a photo of your sample (one on the front and one on the inside) and send it to us, then inform us the size and quantity you need to customize. We will calculate the price and inform you as soon as possible. After the price and the lead time are negotiated and agreed, we will start the production process.

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