What are the Advantages of Custom Acrylic Photo Frames over Ordinary Photo Frames?

1. Good oxidation resistance and easy processing.

Acrylic material has strong antioxidant ability. It will not be damaged and discolored whether it is exposed to wind, rain or sunshine. It can add different colors according to its personal preferences. The color of the material will not be limited. It is also very easy to process. It can soften and shape at 180 C. When the temperature is cooled to room temperature, it can be shaped.

2. Durable and not fragile

The custom acrylic photo frames is more durable than ordinary glass frame, and it is not fragile to fall on the floor from a high place. It does not consume excess materials when making. The frame has a high yield and is easy to preserve. The cost-effectiveness is much higher than that of ordinary frame.

3. Good transmittance and resistance

The transparency of custom acrylic photo frames is better than that of wood. It can not only show crystal effect, but also be dust-proof, easy to clean. The resistance of acrylic frame is also good. Even if it is broken, it will not produce a large range of debris. The density of acrylic material is smaller than that of glass, and its quality is much lighter.

Summary: Above is about the advantages of acrylic frame compared with ordinary material frame. The acrylic frame is not only durable, but also beautiful in appearance, a little like crystal frame. It has a high grade and is not easy to break down. It is a choice with high price and cost performance.

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