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What are the Feelings of Dongda that the Designers of Southeast University's new Diploma Show?

The new edition of Southeast University's degree certificate has changed from the horizontal edition of A4 to the vertical edition of A4, including envelope and certificate. The tones of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are blue, blue-purple and red respectively. The top part of the certificate is the badge of Southeast University and the name of the school in Chinese and English; the middle part is the photograph, personal information, degree information and the signature of the president of the university; the bottom part is the number of the certificate and the date of issuance.

The new version of the degree certificate is designed independently by various schools. The design hopes to be more personalized and humanistic, which can highlight the cultural heritage of Southeast University for more than 100 years.

In this design, the personalized diploma cover shell material selection they painstakingly selected more than a dozen processes and materials, considering its close and long-distance visual effects, the touch in hand, and how students take it back after preservation. Finally, a kind of imitating cortex material is selected, which achieves satisfactory results in texture and texture.

The school pointed out that the cover of the personalized degree certificate was printed with a circular seal on the title page, which had the pattern of "Six Dynasties Song". This seal originated from a seal engraved on the six Dynasties Song collection ticket before the founding of New China, thus forming a concave and convex seal form, which achieved both visual effect and hand feel. Next book "stop at the best" motto.

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