How to Make The Most of Graduation Rehearsals?

Graduation rehearsals can give students a sense of the ceremony and help them coordinate with teachers. At the end of a successful rehearsal, one should know exactly what will happen at the graduation ceremony. In this article, we share how to take full advantage of the opening exercise to be fully prepared.

1. Participate in the entire rehearsal

Usually, regarding the class size that is about to graduate, it takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to start the rehearsal. Students and new teachers need to stay throughout the rehearsal so that they will not miss anything. For instance, a student does not want to leave before the graduation coordinator tells how to obtain a diploma. Generally, the ceremony is rehearsed from beginniang to end, so everyone at each stage should be there.

2. Fill in the graduation certificate

During the rehearsal period, each student should receive a graduate information card. The card allows students to write down their names in the form of a voice so that they can pronounce them correctly on stage. If the student's name is uncommon or difficult to pronounce, it is a time to avoid potential embarrassment. Remember to ask students to fill out the card and give it to the graduation coordinator!

3. Be familiar with the site layout

During the rehearsal, the whole ritual should be practiced several times until it becomes second nature. Watch the students walk along the aisle, across the stage, and back to their seats. Make sure they are satisfied with the layout of the venue. The school should conduct the rehearsal at the same place as graduation. However, the seats of students during rehearsal may vary. It is because there may be more students attending the ceremony. It is vital to set aside a piece of land for students so that they will feel comfortable on stage.

4. Listen to the graduation coordinator

Throughout the entire rehearsal, there is at least one graduation coordinator guiding students. They want to relieve students' tension and provide reliable information, so make sure students will listen to them! For example, receiving a diploma certificate may be the most confusing part of the ceremony but also the most exciting part. The exquisite customized certificate cover design is the icing on the cake for graduation. The graduation coordinator will teach students how to hold the diploma certificate with one hand, and then shake the hand of the administrator in a smooth motion. Likewise, they should be taught to walk off the stage in the right direction to avoid traffic jams. If the student does not understand a certain step, ask the coordinator to repeat the step.

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