How Do I Insert a Certificate into the Diploma Cover?

Obtaining a degree from an educational institution is a prestigious achievement. It is important to keep this document properly. Read these instructions to learn how to insert the certificate into the diploma cover.

Not every school provides certificate cover services for students. Many people hand over the protection of documents to students. You can spend a lot of money to install the degree on a plaque or metal certificate frame, or you can choose a more cost-effective, ordinary or printed certificate cover that is still attractive.

Step 1: Take out the diploma holder from the package and make sure that its color and size are suitable for the certificate.

Step 2: Remove the acetate protective layer from the lid.

Step 3: Take the diploma certificate carefully, then slowly insert the upper left corner into the small triangle character belt, and then repeat the above steps for the lower three corners.

As mentioned above, replace the acetate protective layer on the diploma holder by sliding the edges into place.

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