The Difference between PU and PVC Diploma Cover

Generally, synthetic leather other than genuine leather, such as PVC and PU leather, are collectively referred to as artificial leather or imitation leather. The quality of PVC and PU certificate sets are different, their service life and texture are also different.

I. Differences in the production process:

1. PVC diploma cover melts plastic particles in the process of manufacturing, mixing into a paste, homogeneously coats T/C knitted fabric base in accordance with the specified thickness and foams entering the foaming furnace which makes it adaptative to produce all kinds of different products and demanded flexibility. Surface preparation (dyeing, embossing, polishing, extinction, hairy grind flour, etc., mainly in line with the specific product requirements) undergoes at the same time of discharge.

2. The manufacturing process of PU certificate cover is more diploma than that of PVC diploma cover. Since PU bottom cloth is canvas PU material with good tensile strength, it can be coated on top of the bottom cloth and included in the middle so that the existence of the cloth can't be seen from outside.

2.Difference in material

In general, PU materials will be relatively more optional in terms of diploma cover materials. Because PU certificate cover service life is relatively long and the quality of the leather is slightly better.

Generally, the PU diploma cover will adopt the embossing process of the cover LOGO. The diploma cover produced is very top-grade and good-looking. In addition, the feel of PU diploma cover is softer, while that of PVC is harder. 

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