Selection Skills for Graduation Music

Music can keep the graduating crowd enthusiastic and boost the spirit of the school. Proper organization and planning of graduation music is important. Here are some tips to prepare music for the big day!

1. Choose a DJ or school band

The Graduation Committee, which handles music selection, needs to decide on the music source for the event. Will they hire a DJ, recruit a school band or orchestra, or just build a playlist on an iPod and start playing. No matter which option you choose, they will work just fine.

Choosing a school band or orchestra is the most error-prone but also increases student engagement. This option is also free, which makes it a relatively attractive option. The same goes for just using the iPod, which has the benefit of reducing the chance of human error.

If you decide to have your school band perform at graduation, be sure to involve the music director, who needs to practice songs a few weeks in advance to ensure students are fully prepared.

If you choose a DJ, you will have to spend a lot of effort finding a DJ with good reviews at low cost, although you may be able to find a student or faculty member who can fill the role for free.

2. Select the opening music

Many people think that the first music to start is synonymous with marching music, and while this may be the case at your school, we recommend that you consider playing light music through your speaker system before doing so. Playing music while guests are seated helps keep everyone patient. Depending on your graduating class size, and the length of the ceremony, this might be a good idea.

The music you choose will set the mood for this important occasion. So set a song or series of songs to play in the background while you wait for the parade to start.

Once the parade begins, changing the song can serve as a signal or prompt for students to start walking towards their seats. Graduates can walk down the aisles with pride as they hear parade songs.

3. Select the music to get the diploma case

Receiving the diploma case is the highlight of this event. To make the event more important and make the diploma case brighter, choose a song that makes it so important.

The song you choose should be an instrumental ballad with no lyrics. While you can choose songs with lyrics, it's best to avoid them. When you address students by name, you need them to be able to hear.

4. Choose the music at the end of the ceremony

Closing music symbolizes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in student life. The band or DJ should continue to play closing music as the graduates walk out of the venue to meet their parents and loved ones. The closing music of the ceremony should preferably also be a little lively, symbolizing the joy and celebration of the day.

5. Complete the order of the music

Once the graduation coordinator has selected different music, we recommend that you list those songs in your graduation program. If you are using a school band, complete the musical sequence a few weeks before the actual event to allow time for practice.

If you are hiring a DJ for the ceremony, you should also hand in the music list in advance. Organize everything, especially the music, band, DJ and sound system to avoid any problems on graduation day.

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