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British Design Master Lin Cheung Broke the Boundaries of Paper

The biennial Tang Prize held the first award ceremony in 2014. In order to pay tribute to the winners of the Tang Prize for sustainable development, biotechnology and medicine, Sinology and the rule of law, the Tang Prize was specially solicited from the global design community to carefully design the medals and certificates of the winners. As a result, the ingenious 9999 pure gold medal was created by Japanese design master Naoto Fukasawa, and the exquisite certificate was created by Taiwanese designer Huang Weihan. The Tang Prize winner's contribution to the world was reflected through the medal and certificates, complementing each other.

The first certificate of the Tang Prize designed by Huang Weihan is based on the minimalist style of the Qing Dynasty mustard seed garden paintings, and the design concept is "Heaven, Earth, Mountains and Water"—the colorful clouds that symbolize the "heaven" of the rule of law and the modern Phalaenopsis represents the "land" of biotechnology and medicine, the beautiful Taroko Gorge in Taiwan represents the "mountain" of Sinology, and the inclusive ocean represents the "water" of sustainable development. The certificate body is based on silk and incorporates the modern aesthetics of meticulous craftsmanship to highlight the macro and delicate spirit of the Tang Prize. As the pattern is presented in the form of Chinese embroidery, the designer is constantly working on printing and fabrics to enhance the detail and three-dimensional sense of embroidery. After repeated adjustments, the unique three-dimensional effect of text and pictures was successfully presented, which enriched the visual beauty of the design.





Tang Prize with unlimited creativity by Lin Cheung 

The second Tang Prize certificate was specially commissioned by British design master Lin Cheung. Lin graduated from the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom in 1997, focusing on art and metalworking design. She was the designer of the 2012 London Paralympic Gold Medal. In 2013, she was awarded the Beyond 2012 honor by the British Design Association. She enjoys a certain reputation in the international design community. The Tang Prize Foundation specially invited this outstanding creative artist to be the designer of the second Tang Prize certificate this year, because Lin has a strong humanistic care for human issues in the 21st century, and she sincerely expressed her humanistic care concept, designing the medal for the 2012 London Paralympic Games with enthusiasm and love. Therefore, her interpretation of the Tang Prize and artistic performance of its four major areas is exceptionally unique and amazing.

Unlike the first Tang Prize certificate, there were no restrictions on the material. Although the second Tang Prize certificate returned to paper, Lin Cheung broke the boundaries of paper and pulled out of the visual sensory framework, which would have a thoughtful meaning for the Tang Prize, which was expressed in the graphic design. Lin said that the Tang Prize was a new self-challenge in her creative career, which was closely linked to the positive attitude of Tang Prize to actively contribute to the world, continuously break through herself and strive for progress in the new era. Such a design can be said to be profound, forward-looking, but also a perfect interpretation of Tang Prize's continuous efforts to seek breakthroughs.