Tips for Graduation Ceremony

1. Refreshment after the ceremony

Ushers should guide participants to enjoy food and drinks, while students send back their diploma certificate folder and gowns. The ideal venue should be large enough to accommodate everyone sitting or standing while complying with fire protection regulations.

There should be multiple tables and areas for family and friends to enjoy refreshments and take pictures. All catering staff should know the start and end time of the ceremony so that they can complete all the work on time.

Another thing to consider is food allergies. Most schools do not provide food made with nuts because many students are allergic to peanuts.

2. Congratulations to students and parents

The staff should stand at the entrance of the refreshment area and the exit to congratulate graduates. It is important to make the students leave in a high profile and wish all graduates good luck in their future endeavors.

This activity will positively become the end of the day. Then have a final conversation with some of your favorite students before they take the next important step in their lives. Students and family members may wish to take a group photo, so be prepared to smile and be part of the memories!

Let the teachers and staff congratulate the students. Be sure to include the people who interact most with seniors this year.

3. Reception of guests and VIPs

After congratulating the students, it is also important to spend some time talking with distinguished guests. Their time is precious. However, they chose to spend time with school today. Thank them for participating in the ceremony and make sure they feel at home today.

Givie guests a small gift to remind them of school. It can be a T-shirt with a school mascot printed on it, or even a framed photo of the school.

4. Supervision and cleaning team

Management of cleanup personnel is essential. The rented graduation area may not be on the university campus, please ensure to sign proper clean-up procedures.

Make sure to clean up cups, plates, and food, because you don't want to leave a bad impression on person who rents you the facility. In addition, some venues will charge for the dirty, because they need to prepare for the next event. The necessary cleanup agreement should be confirmed when booking the venue, which is very important.

5. Check the rented chairs, tables, sound systems, etc.

Finally, before sending back all rental equipment and materials, please make sure that everything is still in working condition. During the equipment inspection, you should pay attention to whether there are any problems with the equipment and notify the leasing company. This aims to ensure that the school does not need to pay for any damage to the equipment that may have been caused by the fault of another group that rented the equipment before.

It is also wise to hire an usher to keep an eye on all equipment and materials during and after the ceremony. During the cleanup, you can pack things up and return to the rental company.

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