How to Accurately Grasp the Size of the Diploma Folder?

The diploma of each university has its own features actually. The size, thickness, and shading color of the paper awarded by each school are also not identical. Some certificates are in the horizontal rectangular form, while others choose the vertical certificate format.

In addition to the distinction between the horizontal and vertical versions, the specific size of each school, with an accuracy of 0.1mm, is all referenced by authoritative and reliable channels. The most direct way is to cut out the real diploma in hand and make the diploma folder for customers according to the measured size. In addition, the detailed data obtained from the scanning copies of real graduates can be obtained through the overseas study agency. Therefore, if you are still hesitant to make a diploma folder and worried about the size of the certificate, you can rest assured to place an order.

Diploma holder size is not small, so Hangzhou Shengzhong Covers Co,.Ltd. adopts different forms from other packages in the process of mailing, making sandwich protection with plastic shell first, and package delivery. Objects that customers receive will not affect the mail loss because of too big size, even not shrinking packing size by means of folding up.

What's more, we use the most advanced machines to increase production capacity, thus ensuring shorter delivery times and timely delivery. In addition, we also provide an emergency order service, welcome to consult and place an order!

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