How to Design a Custom Certificate Holder

In this article, we outline what a custom certificate holder is, how to design one from start to finish, and why it is a worthwhile investment for the school.

1. How to design a custom certificate holder

The diploma cases can store the graduates' valuable diplomas in a foldable leather book. Usually, these holders are designed with the official seal of the high school or university attached to the outside and stamped on the foil.

2. Why get a customized diploma cases?

First of all, in the eyes of graduates and family members, custom diploma holders can enhance the school's brand. A stamp with a gold seal is heavier than a blank diploma cases and costs less. In addition, all aspects of the cover can be customized from the corner ribbon to the internal netting. After all the hard work, students should keep their diplomas on the cover of the certificate in recognition of their achievements.

Ordering steps:

Step 1: Consult our custom diploma cases order form

Choose the color of the diploma cases. We offer many different colors, including red, navy blue and green;

Step 2: Choose the size of the diploma cases

Choose one of the four diploma cases folding options, including "tent style", "portrait" (top folding), "panoramic" and "portrait" (side folding);

Step 3: Select the internal ripple pattern (the pattern on the cover of the certificate)

For smaller upgrades, a cover with golden ripples can be created on the two inner panels;

Step 4: Select the color of the ribbon in the inner corner of the diploma cases

For example, one panel can be white, or both panels can be royal blue;

Step 5: Choose the stamping logo color for the diploma cases

We like gold or silver, but we can also choose white or black foil;

Step 6: diploma cases and logo design

To make the cover of the certificate, submit the school logo image.

Step 7: Estimate the number of customized diploma casess

We are very proud of our students to graduate and reach the first stage of learning goals. Using a custom diploma cases, you can use one that will leave a deep mark in life.

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