What Are the Common Certificates? What Are the Characteristics of the Cover and Inner Core of the Ce

1. Common types of certificates

Certificates are generally documents issued by agencies, schools, organizations, etc. that prove qualifications or powers. 

Common certificates are: honor certificate, qualification certificate, membership certificate, share certificate, party member card, ID card, temporary residence card, military officer card, driver's license, driving permit, pass, job permit, birth certificate, student card, group member card, transfer card , Suspension certificate, graduation certificate, certificate of completion, press certificate, interview certificate, award certificate, rural land contract management right certificate, continuing education manual, farmer burden supervision card, contract card, preparation certificate, rural cooperative medical certificate, vocational skills training certificate , Employee Work Injury Insurance Handbook, Social Assistance Certificate, Training Certificate, Training Certificate, Comprehensive Insurance Passbook, Housing Certificate, Common Law Manual, Credit Loan Certificate, Performance Manual, Job Certificate, Archive Manual, Practical Salary and Welfare Personal Manual, Collection Certificate, Work safety certificate, transcript, toll collector certificate, employment certificate, study law register, primary school student quality development evaluation report book, network member certificate, charging permit, basic medical insurance certificate, college student quality development certificate, operation certificate, registration certificate, employee social pension insurance manual, practical salary and welfare personal manual, job technical assessment operation certificate, appointment letter, burial certificate, appointment letter, etc.

2. The cover and inner core of the certificate

(1) Cover:

(a) General heat-sealing for a large certificate of 32 or more (plastic imitation leather material is heated and pressurized to synthesize diploma folders, and the inner core is sandwiched by plastic film (such as household registration book), suture (mostly imitation leather materials, the surrounding sutures are made of beveled ribbons, and transparent films are also used to make interlayers, and the inner core is placed in interstitial style. Such as graduation certificates), pasting (using glued materials, Suede material, brocade material is the main material, and the light ribbon is used for the bevel such as honor certificate). The name of the certificate of hot stamping on the surface of the certificate cover (such as: honor certificate, qualification certificate, membership certificate, share certificate); logo; certificate issuing unit or approval authority, mainly hot stamping, hot silver and indentation.

(b) The small certificates below 32 K (the specifications are generally irregular) are mainly for heat sealing and pasting. The heat-sealing process is the same as that of the big certificate. It is also a plastic imitation leather material that is heated and pressurized to synthesize the cover, and the inner core is sandwiched with plastic film as a sleeve.

Such as military officer's license and driver's license; the pasting process is slightly different from that of a large certificate. Generally, it is pasted first and then die cut. Such as temporary residence permit. Generally, no stitches are made.

(2) Inner core:

Custom-made inner cores are the main ones, usually four-color printing on copperplate paper or special paper, which can color-print different shading laces, highlighting industry characteristics and even achieving anti-counterfeiting effects. Others have photos, stamped seals and even query URLs.

Other styles: With the development of the times, there are also special-shaped certificates that highlight individuality: such as plaque style; mirror frame style. Mainly to highlight the characteristics of the industry and highlight individuality. The most notable ones are cartoon-style certificates issued to young children.

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