Do You Know What the Qing Dynasty Diploma Looks Like?

We have seen many different kinds of contemporary cover of graduation certificate. Do you want to know what diplomas looked like a hundred years ago? Recently, I saw a netizen share a collection of his family-a graduate diploma from the Qing Dynasty.

cover of graduation certificate

This ancient diploma is 56 cm long and 50 cm wide. The paper has turned yellow, slightly damaged, but its appearance is still acceptable. The writing in the frame is cramped but scrupulously neat. The text on the diploma is written in traditional Chinese characters from right to left. The row on the far right is the name of the school "Huizhou Prefecture Government Xin'an Middle School, Anhui Province". Next is the main text: issuing a diploma. The eighth semester examination of the current class C of this school is over. Bao Kun has a total average score of 92.7 this semester, which is listed as the best. He will be issued a diploma accordingly.

Different from the current graduation certificate covers, in this diploma, the "graduation test scores" are also clearly recorded: 11 subjects including Self-cultivation, Classics, Chinese, English, History, Geography, Arithmetic, Natural history, Physics and Chemistry. Then the subject name and score are followed by the age of the student and the signature of three generations. In the middle of the left side of the diploma, there are signatures of the student and the supervisor, and the supervisor also affixed a private seal. Finally, the signing time is "Xuantong Three Years First Month". There are many red stamps on the entire diploma. On the far left side is the number of the diploma.

We have many different kinds of diploma folders such as leather diploma folder, PVC diploma folder, PU diploma folder, you can even find custom certificate covers on our website. However, a hundred years ago, people usually use paper diploma.

cover of graduation certificate

This is a graduation certificate from the twenty-sixth year of Guangxu. According to data, this is the oldest graduation certificate in existence.

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