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How Much is the Acrylic Photo Frame Customization

Acrylic photo frame is a photo frame made of acrylic material. For acrylic, you can't really know what kind of material it is, but another name of acrylic is plexiglass. I think everyone has a certain understanding. This photo frame is popular in recent years. How much does it cost to custom acrylic photo frame?

1. Acrylic material photo frames are very popular at present. The number of acrylic photo frames on the market is very large, so the price types are also numerous. The range of the price  is different and large.The price of the ordinary acrylic photo frame in the market is about 10 to 50 yuan;

2. As for the Acrylic photo frame, although there is no big brand as a support, there are still high-priced acrylic photo frames. For example, the imported acrylic photo frame price is generally around 200 yuan and there are some larger and beautiful photo frame products, which cost a few hundred dollars.