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Certificate will never be Burden: Introduction to Some British certificates (with Cover)

Learning lays the foundation for employment. In the future in the industry, in addition to the accumulation of experience, certificates with gold content are very important! Students studying in the UK have time and ability. Thus, it is suggested to take some certificates to improve their future employment competitiveness. What certificates can you choose in the UK?

1. CIM Recommendation index: ★★★

Founded in 1911, CIM is one of the most authoritative professional marketing organizations in the world. In the Commonwealth countries and regions, CIM certification is a significant stepping stone into the marketing field.

The authority of CIM makes the taught course certification as a measurement indicator a good choice!

2. ACCA Recommendation index: ★★★★

Cover of ACCA certificate:


ACCA is a founding member of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). Founded in the UK in 1904, ACCA is the largest and fastest growing international professional accounting organization in the world, and has more than 296,000 students and 115,000 members in more than 170 countries and regions.

ACCA is not only an organization with a long tradition, but also an organization with forward-looking thinking. At the same time, it is also full of vitality with a large number of young members all over the world.

Many schools in the UK have cooperation with ACCA, so they can apply for exempt subjects. However, the specific number of exempt subjects is subject to examination according to course setting and grades.

3. CIPD Recommendation index: ★★★

Cover of CIPD certificate:


CIPD (the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is an organization of professionals engaged in human management and professionals development. The CIPD-accredited Master of Human Resources program represents the highest level in the field of human resource management and development.

In the UK and the Commonwealth, the role of CIPD is obvious, which is basically an essential requirement for important personnel positions in large enterprises. In fact, CIPD is well recognized among foreign enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and some mainland China, and is also very popular in some consulting companies.

There are many courses for CIPD certification, but the examination fee is very high. So it depends on everyone's life plan.

4. CII Recommendation index: ★★★

Cover of CII certificate:


CII is the abbreviation of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Founded in 1897, this institute is a vocational education group for the British insurance industry. The CII exam organized by the this institute enjoys a high professional reputation and is universally recognized all over the world.

Some countries stipulate in the insurance law that any insurance company must have at least one FCII qualified professional for its opening.

5. BPS Recommendation index: ★★★

Cover of BPS certificate:

This is a British Psychological Society identification. The British Psychological Society was founded in 1901 and has a long history. It has more than 44,000 members and plays an important leading and coordinating role in the research and application of psychology in the UK.

Because it's very scientific and involves lots of researches, the study of psychology in the UK can also be divided into psychological research and applied psychology.

6. RIBA Recommendation index: ★★★★

Cover of RIBA certificate:

Students must obtain the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to participate in projects and design projects in the name of an architect in the UK, and it will take at least seven years to pass the qualification examination.

RIBA certification is very authoritative, and is also one of the important qualifications of architectural design in the UK. Students majoring in civil engineering, construction and  transportation planning have more employment opportunities in the UK. Therefore, this license is also very valuable, but is time-consuming and expensive.

The arrangement of master's courses in some universities in the UK is related to the RIBA, so students are preparing for the architect qualification exam while studying for postgraduate courses.

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