The Most Important Four Points to Choose a Manufacturer of Certificate Holders

Ⅰ. Production status of certificate set manufacturers

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that produce certificate holders, and the leather covers they produce are also made of diverse materials, including genuine leather (cowhide, two-layer cowhide), imitation leather, and plastic. The production process design is also multi-style, among which the most common are: bronzing, branding, metal badges, indentation, etc. So how do we choose a good manufacturer of certificate sets?

Ⅱ. The four most important points for choosing a certificate sleeve manufacturer

1. See if there is a physical factory

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies selling in the name of the company on the Internet, which has led to this phenomenon: the manufacturer contacts the agent and then the buyer before the actual buyer. There is a lot of price difference in the middle. So to choose the physical factory can ensure the lowest price.

2. Look at the production process of the product

The certificate holder has clear texture, uniform intervals between tailors, all right-angled workmanship, and the badge has no burrs and bright colors, etc.

3. See the use of materials

The material of the certificate holder is the same as that of people, and the certificate holder made of good material will not crack.

4. See the after-sales

Good manufacturers have clear production process, accurate delivery time and good after-sales service.

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