The Five Most Important Safety Preparations on Graduation Day

You may need to consider a graduation safety plan depending on the size of the ceremony. On graduation day, no one wants to think about emergencies. However, planning is essential. Although the security policy should consider your school's specific needs, the basic requirements should also be considered.

Ⅰ. Emergency First Aid

When planning the graduation ceremony, the coordinator must consider all possible scenarios in which emergency first aid is the priority. Accidents can happen even at the most well-organized graduation ceremony. The first step should be to designate someone to handle any emergencies that necessitate first aid. 

Every school has a nurse's office with first-aid supplies. You should check with the school doctor or nurse to see if they can use collections to hold the ceremony nearby. 

The weather may also have an impact on different age groups. This is especially true for graduation ceremonies held outside in hot weather. Young people, the elderly, and patients with chronic diseases are particularly susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration. Consider providing water or shaded areas for those in need,

Ⅱ. Traffic control

For larger classes, transportation is an issue regardless of location. Depending on the size and location of the school, you can appoint volunteers to handle traffic and parking logistics. Depending on the size and location, you may require the assistance of the local police. 

To avoid overcrowding, traffic control is an essential member of the team. For example, if the parking lot is full, your parking team can close it to avoid unnecessary browsing. 

Let parents and guests guide them into the appropriate parking lot and then to the venue, which is very helpful for parents and guests. Many people alone may become a safety issue and should be actively managed to prevent problems.

Ⅲ. Lost and found

Something within a large group of people will cause things to disappear. A designated lost and found area can help in these situations, whether a mobile phone or a diploma. This is especially important for large gatherings. Attendees can place items in the school office for smaller celebrations. 

Determine who will be in charge of the booth or box at the lost and found office. Items can be placed near the venue's entrance so that all participants can see and learn about them. If the thing is still not collected after the ceremony, the event coordinator may make an announcement. If the item remains unclaimed, please consider listing it on the appropriate social media page.

Ⅳ. Coordinate overall security

Any problems or issues that arise before, during, or after the diploma case issuance ceremony must be communicated to and updated by the coordinator. You should be the incident's point of contact and decide who else is involved based on the severity of the problem.

Give the security team detailed instructions and remind them of their specific responsibilities. The coordinator should always think about potential problems that may arise during the ceremony and avoid them.

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