What is the Difference Between Graduation Ceremony and Opening Ceremony?

In this article, we need to understand the definitions of "graduation" and "start of school" respectively, and outline the differences between these terms in some basic ways. Generally considered interchangeable, graduation and start of school actually refer to different periods in the academic schedule.

1. Graduation

We tend to use the term "graduation" to describe the date of receipt of the diplomas on the graduation certificate covers, but this is a misnomer. Technically speaking, graduation occurs when the degree requirements are finally completed. Many schools require students to complete a minimum number of formal graduation applications before obtaining the certificate cover diploma. We recommend submitting this application at the beginning of the semester before graduation (or earlier).

Based on experience, if you complete the requirements and submit your graduation application in the spring semester, you can say "graduate" in the spring. However, it may take some time for the university to evaluate the grades and send the official certificate cover diploma.

2. Start of school

"School Opening Ceremony" is the official term for the opening of the school. Students, families, and faculty and staff will celebrate their achievements at the ceremony. The biggest start is usually at the end of the spring semester, but it can also happen at other times of the semester.

If students complete the degree requirements as scheduled, they will receive an invitation letter for the entrance ceremony with a beautiful certificate cover. Some students may meet the requirements as early as possible, but they can also choose to take a walk with the spring graduates. The opening ceremony is an optional activity, but most students choose to participate.

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