A Few Tips for Choosing Graduate Suppliers

Speeches, songs, photos, videos, awards, gowns, diploma and diploma cases are some of the main components needed for a successful graduation ceremony.

1. Find a Commencement Speaker

When planning your commencement ceremony, one of the most important tasks you will undertake is choosing the best commencement speaker. The school hopes to select one person to speak at the commencement ceremony, which will teach their students a great lesson, while also providing inspiration and a role model for how they can shape their lives in the future.

2. Find and select music

Many schools recruit orchestras, choirs or band directors as part of the graduation planning process. It's not always an easy task considering some music group members are graduating soon and unable to perform with their underclassmen.

To alleviate such problems, many schools, especially smaller ones, often employ DJs. To save money, many people turn to audio club members for help.

Whichever option you choose, you'll need to let them know your song choices ahead of time. It's worth noting that you need to let them know when each song is playing, and for how long. We recommend that you coordinate music cues and review the full program of activities with all music participants.

3. Find a photographer

Photographers are key graduation partners selected by the graduation coordinator. Not only will the students love the photos, but their families, friends and descendants will love this milestone as well. We strongly recommend that you seek out a professional photographer who specializes in graduation projects.

4. Find a venue

The location for graduation is usually on campus, such as an auditorium, soccer field, or gymnasium. However, if there is no space available in the school building, the coordinator will have to look elsewhere for a spacious venue.

We recommend that you consider holding your ceremony indoors, as weather tends to add unpredictable factors that can disrupt the ceremony. Obviously, if you're in a desert, rain is more important than heat. Hosting an event indoors is a very safe option, no matter the weather.

Next, the coordinator should obtain quotes from potential venues. Remember not only to look at pricing that will keep your management happy, but also quality, top-notch customer service, lighting, sound system and available parking. Each of these factors will contribute to a smooth graduation day.

5. Find hat and dress suppliers

Coordinators can easily find hat and dress suppliers by browsing the internet. You can view hats and dresses and choose from a variety of styles and colors quickly and easily.

Ensuring that you get the best product at the lowest price is just as important as the best service. Some suppliers make it very easy to request a sample or ask for a quote. Graduation ceremonies can get very expensive if you don't pay close attention to your budget.

6. Find diploma and cover suppliers

Diploma and diploma cases are usually custom items. Most school diplomas and certificates have gold foil with the school logo or name on the cover. As a result of this customization, advance ordering is not a recommendation, but a necessity.

Remember that these items take time to produce. You want to work with a supplier that offers above-average quality, which increases the time of the process. We recommend looking for a company that takes six weeks or more to make diploma and diploma cases.

Depending on your school's budget and needs, it may be best to order stock diploma and diploma cases from suppliers that can be ordered and delivered quickly without worrying about quality. Vendor stocked diploma cases and diplomas to meet your school's needs and save your school time and money.

No matter which option you choose, we recommend that you get multiple options and quotes. Make sure you've done your due diligence and made the best decision for your school.

7. Find essential accessories

Sometimes schools will wish to honor children in other ways, such as by handing out Medal of Honor, ropes and capes. An award that represents a student on the Honor Roll or graduating with other outstanding achievement. Such products are also used to represent membership in various school clubs and organizations. You can find many of these items online for relatively low prices.

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