High School Diploma Cover

When the high school diploma cover is designed and printed , firstly, we should pay attention to is its appearance, that is, its appreciability. A certificate with design concept should be as small as possible in size, so that clients or consumers can see it more easily. It should also have substantial content. For a good-looking certificate of honor, the inner page is also more important.

And the paper is also important. Do you know how to keep it?

Heat protection. Paper storage temperature can not be too high. The temperature of warehouse and workshop for storing paper should be 18-20 ℃. When the temperature is over 38 ℃, the strength of the paper will decrease significantly. In particular, copperplate paper will be bonded into blocks and become waste.

The moisture content of the paper changes with the humidity of the air, so it is necessary to store the paper in a clean and dry place. No folding. When paper is folded and stacked, one fold and three folds should be avoided. When stacked, the four sides of the paper shall not be staggered and protruded, otherwise the protruding part will be broken, wrinkled, discolored, etc., so the paper must be stacked neatly.

The manufacturer of the certificate of honor said that the paper should not be thrown down from a high place to avoid scattered parts and the damage to the paper. Don't put the paper up, put it as flat as possible. The stacking of web paper can not be very high so as to avoid crushing the paper edge or core; personal accident may occur if it is piled too high. Do not use the iron hook when carrying. The web shall be rolled and pushed with the arrow pointing.

Sun-proof. Paper contains lignin, so the direct sunlight exposure should be avoided.

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