Bachelor's Degree Certificate Independently Designed by Jiageng College of Xiamen University

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A few days ago, the new version of the bachelor degree certificate independently designed by the Jiageng College of Xiamen University was officially released. The overall design of the new version of the certificate is solemn and elegant, which fully integrates the school's theme elements and the cultural characteristics of southern Fujian. Students who will get a bachelor's degree in 2016 will be the first batch of graduates with the new certificate.

The new version of the bachelor's degree certificate folder adopts golden yellow as the theme color, which means wisdom and harvest, and expresses the best wishes for the bright future of graduates. In the middle of the certificate, the landmark buildings of the main building group are used as the background, and the ocean wave pattern is superimposed, which reflects the geographical characteristics of the school. The inner bachelor's degree frame of the certificate uses the traditional southern Fujian brick pattern, and the main building group window cover and phoenix flower abstract elements are added at the bottom, and the phoenix flower lace surrounds the periphery, which takes into account the unity of the sense of history and the times.

The cover of the new bachelor degree certificate adopts the horizontal A4 format, which is easy to carry and display. From top to bottom, the certificate contains the school emblem and the standard combination of Chinese and English school name, the words "Bachelor degree certificate", the personal information of the degree recipient, degree information and photos, the principal's signature, the signature of the chairman of the degree evaluation committee, the certificate number and issuance date. On the basis of maintaining the uniform printing style of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, this version of the certificate fully demonstrates the unique style of the school.

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