The Design Comparison of Modern Graduation Certificate Cover and Foreign University Graduation Certi

1. Design of modern graduation certificate covers

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Inside page: 

Undergraduate degree, master degree, and doctorate degree in order. From top to bottom, the degree certificate is the school badge and the school name in both Chinese and English, the words for the three-level degree certificate for bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees, the photo of the degree winner and the main degree awarding information, the principal's signature, the signature of the chairman of the degree evaluation committee, and the bottom is degree certificate number and degree award date. In addition, in order to facilitate students' job search and going abroad, the new version of the degree certificate adopts the vertical A4 size, which is easy to carry and copy.

degree for diploma holders

Cover page: 

Undergraduate degree, master degree, and doctorate degree in order. The title word on the graduation certificate covers or  is unified as "degree certificate". The envelopes of bachelor, master, and doctorate certificates are distinguished by different colors.

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The former is a graduation certificate issued before 2016, and the latter is a graduation certificate issued before 2016. The former is still used by many universities, and the latter is more like Tsinghua University. Now some universities bid farewell to the "popular face" and make their graduation certificates more distinctive.

On the basis of coordinating the expression and location of the above information, the design team adopted a solemn, elegant, and rigorous design style, trying to embody Tsinghua's "action speaks louder than words"  and the spirit of "humanities and newness" in aesthetics.

2. Design of graduation certificate covers of foreign universities

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This is a graduation certificate obtained by a student of Cornell University, one of the top Ivy League schools in the United States. Compared with domestic universities, the content of this certificate is nothing special. But in terms of decoration, it will be slightly stronger, and there is a bachelor's hat on the right. The overall design style is more complete and more distinctive.