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Wooden Certificate Frame Keeps Honor Forever

A wooden certificate frame is a certificate frame made of wood as the raw material. Common ones include fir, pine, oak, paulownia, and oak. The most commonly used is fir; pine and catalpa. The timber is determined according to the grade of the certificate frame.

The certificate frame is in great demand and particular to European and American people, and they generally have high requirements for the quality of the certificate frame. The current market demand for the certificate frame is good, booming the certificate frame industry around the world.

When you put your diploma and certificate into the wooden frame with your own hands, you will inevitably feel a sense of great pride. However, when using the wooden frame, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Handle the wooden certificate frame lightly to avoid collision or extrusion;

2. Avoid sunlight and keep in a damp place;

3. Don't wipe it with a wet cloth to prevent moisture from soaking into the wooden certificate frame when there is dust or dirt on the surface. 

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